(Multiple Choice Worth 4 points) (05.01)A flower bed is in the shape of a triangle, with a base of 13 feet and a height of 5 feet. What is the area of the flower bed? A 18 square feet B 32.5 square feet C 65 square feet D 130.5 square feet

Accepted Solution

Hey there!

So, when finding area, we need to remember that the key point if this is to (multiply).

We would need to make sure that we do not get confused with (perimeter) and area.

We are going to multiple, sense the question stated "What is the area of the flower bed?".

To begin, what are the [tex](formula) [/tex] that we would use?

We will use . . .           [tex] \left[\begin{array}{ccc}\boxed{A= \frac{ h_{b}b }{2}} \end{array}\right] [/tex]

By using this, we would plug in the numbers to get your area.

[tex] \left[\begin{array}{ccc}\boxed{\boxed{13*5=65/2=32.5}}\end{array}\right] [/tex]

Your correct answer would be (option B)

[tex]\boxed{32.5} \ square \ feet[/tex]

I hope this helps you!