You randomly choose a letter from a hat with the letters A through J. Without replacing the first letter, you choose the second letter. Find the probability of the events.Choosing an H and then a DChoosing a Vowel and then an FChoosing a consonant and then an E or an IChoosing a vowel and then a consonant

Accepted Solution

To calculate the probability of each event occurring you will need to know there are 7 consonants and 3 vowels. You will use this to find the probability of each set of events occurring and multiply them together.
a. 1/10 x 1/9 = 1/90 chanceb. 3/10 x 1/9 = 1/30 chancec. 7/10 x 2/9 = 7/45 chanced. 3/10 x 7/9 = 7/30 chance